Monday, May 14, 2012

John Stanley: the 1940s Bibliography--illustrated and annotated!

I have finally completed a bibliography of John Stanley's comic book work in the 1940s--from his first efforts as a comic book storyteller to the runaway success of the monthly Marge's Little Lulu title, following an almost three-year trial run as a series of one-shot comics.

This 88-page document, available for $2.99 and delivered via download as a PDF, contains a chronological listing of John Stanley's comics work, with thumbnails of all covers, synopses of stories, page counts, their position in each magazine, and notes about many of the stories. Most stories contain a hyperlink to this blog, enabling your quick access to that story's relevant posting.

As I explain in the introduction, with an absence of documented verification, I've used known examples of Stanley's cartoon art and lettering to identify many of the pieces in this bibliography. There are several I have reasonable doubts about, and I discuss these in the footnotes.

My hope for this booklet is to open a larger dialog about John Stanley's work. If this happens, I'll be delighted. It's about time we looked beyond Little Lulu and saw Stanley's work as a cohesive whole.

As a thank-you for purchasing this document, included is a 33-page comics supplement. This contains four complete stories from 1943 to '49 that are not featured on this blog (and will probably never run here), plus several of Stanley's charming cover illustrations for New Funnies.

I do not claim that this is the definitive work on John Stanley's 1940s efforts, but I feel it is a strong start to a serious study of the crucial origins of his comic book artistry. This booklet represents a lot of work on my part, and I hope it's helpful to your scholarship and understanding of John Stanley's work.

This bibliography will only be available here on the Stanley Stories blog.

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ramapith said...

Instant purchase! You can send me the file at ramapith [at] (e-mail address altered here to avoid spambots, but I'm sure you can tell how it should look).

David G

Micki said...

Me too! I assume you send the file to the email address that PayPal tells you the payment is from?

Frank M. Young said...

That's correct! Once I receive notification of payment, you get an e-mail with a download link. Easy as pie!